The worst of the challenges

The war on waste starts at home😊 small steps make great strides

My less waste journey


There, I said it. Food shopping is the worst, and is definitely the cause of most of our waste at home.

Non recyclable food wrapping is the bane of our lives. Living where we do, and with no car we have limited options on where we can shop. When I started my journey I saw so many posts about bulk buying where you can as it cuts down waste. We have found a great little place in our city centre where we can get some bulk items (pastas, rice, grains, clothing/dish wash liquid) but its difficult for us to get too much here as we have to carry it on public transport, meaning we can’t utilise the ‘bulk’ buy as much as we wish we could.

I do urge people to check it out though – if you are Manchester UK based, The location is here: Church Street, Manchester…

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Adulting…a journey

I'm hitting a quarter century in a few months and I feel part super-excited and part mortified at Just.How.Old I'm getting. Yes, dramatics I know but it's allowed,  I'm a Millenial after all. We ride on emotions, make emotionally-charged decisions, are bloody lazy, don't know how to Work Hard and what is it with loving …


My big brother is my pathfinder in this messy, convoluted world and his bits of wisdom will come up every now and then. He told me, real men go through heartbreak; they feel emotion at all levels- it's part of who they are. Just a thought. It's been quite a year... I know, I know; it's …